Oops, GMU’s History Department accidentally contradicts GMU’s Mercatus Center. Bye bye, history department.

March 30, 2013 § 4 Comments

By accident GMU’s History News Network (I actually have no idea how closely it is related to the history department, you would be reasonable to assume some) passed along a story that undermined a Mercatus narrative. I expect the retribution was swift, I can’t find the story there now.

Happened to listen to this podcast


Daniel Sutter said something that sounded fishy. He was discussing the success of Clinton era welfare reform and his metric was caseload, which is kind of like trying to tell who is winning a baseball game by counting the number of tickets sold. Daniel Sutter and the host reassured each other with the standard planters points that the slaves were lazy, had bad attitudes, didn’t know how good they had it etc.

At the time I thought the razor in the apple was the prison population going up about the same time. But then

“History News Network – NPR’s This American Life is reporting a story that undermines the claims of success for the Clinton-era reform of welfare. After the legislation was passed by Congress welfare rolls dropped by half in two years. Where did all the people go who were dropped? The assumption at the time was that they found jobs. But NPR reports strong evidence that millions simply moved from welfare to the Social Security disability program. Growth in the program exploded in a few short years. States hired companies to push people from welfare onto the rolls of the disabled to save money. Welfare is jointly paid for by both the states and the federal government. Social Security is paid for entirely by the federal government.”




§ 4 Responses to Oops, GMU’s History Department accidentally contradicts GMU’s Mercatus Center. Bye bye, history department.

  • Harry330 says:

    The NPR report was pretty interesting. Shows the problem with our unemployment stats. This article looks at those stats as well. http://www.statisticsblog.com/2013/03/minding-the-reality-gap/

    • Thanks, I like this part: “the US has quietly moved a huge segment of its population off welfare, which counts against unemployment, and into disability and prisons — the incarcerated also don’t count in U3, whether they are slaving away behind bars or not.”

      I can’t begin to keep up with all the disinformation coming out of the Mercatus disinformation factory, but there’s always a razor in the apple if you get it from them…

  • Your Comrade from the Future says:

    So the scammers moved from one scam to another when the rules changed. What’s so surprising about that? Isn’t that just real-world economics?


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