Donald J. Boudreaux lies about his employment by the Koch Brothers

August 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

“Please, no jokes about how I work at a government university: in my ideal world there would be no such thing.  And since my return to GMU Econ in August 2001, I’ve spent a huge amount of time successfully raising private funds to help support the work of our faculty and the studies of our students.  (BTW, only a tiny fraction – certainly less than ten percent, and likely less than five percent – of those funds are from the Koch Foundation, and none are from any of the Koch brothers directly.  But my colleagues, students, and I are genuinely grateful for every private contribution we receive, regardless of source.)”

Notice his careful wording…and he forgets to mention that GMU has long been the local good time girl for any industry advocate group that needs to rent out denial services, like tobacco, climate change and (lately) income inequality deniers.

Let’s look at the form 990.

This is from the Mercatus Center 2011 form 990:

Wow, 3.2 million is a lot of money.  Help me out, the line 12 total revenue is 11.7 million, so is that more than 10%?  Donald J. Boudreaux was the Director of the Mercatus center, which he always leaves out of his biography.  Funny that.

Let’s look at the board, shall we?

There’s Tyler Cowen, who’s been around the internet doing Koch friendly propaganda.  Why, that looks like Charles G. Koch is on the Board of Directors!  What are the odds of that?

Fink sure is a funny name, let’s look him up–

He’s an executive vice president of Koch Industries!  What are the odds of that?

Did I mention that Don Boudreaux was the director of this very center that has a very nice building right on the GMU campus?  I have to because Don Boudreaux always ‘forgets’ to.

TL:DR; Don Boudreaux is a paid shill of the Koch Brothers



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