Argentina Another Country to Brush Off (Neo)Liberal Dogmas

April 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

The myth of the superiority of neoliberal capitalism held out for a couple of decades, echoing with recurrent economic crises, socioeconomic turbulence, and rivalries over energy resources or transit routes which routinely escalated into wars as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. These days, the trend promises to continue in the form of a US and Israeli snap offensive against Iran. 

Sober and nationally-oriented figures in the ranks of the world’s political class are painfully aware of the risk of the coming global US military dictatorship. Nations which cherish their sovereignty are making serious attempts to stay clear of the Empire, both for fear of being drawn into its international escapades and due to the growing realization that giving in to the neoliberal economic order imposed by Washington will have disastrous consequences. 


In some of the world’s countries, proponents of total privatization continue to cultivate neoliberal illusions and still handle economies as if the world’s signals that the model is being brushed off do not reach them.



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