Destroying public schools has always been part of how they try to keep the niggers down

March 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

“Newton’s boldest public act in the years 1871 to 1873, and one on which he staked his personal safety, was a campaign to organize and build an integrated school.  Newton’s children were now of schooling age…For Klanners and white supremacists, black education was a focus of special fury. It was the generous Mississippian who viewed education for blacks as anything but useless, if not trouble. “A monkey with his tail off is a monkey still,” the Natchez Courier opined.”

“In Okolona, an Episcopal minister who tried to teach some young blacks had four shots fired at him. On the night of March 9, 1871, in Aberdeen, a Northern teacher named Allen P. Huggins was called out of his house by a circle of white-robed men. They were “gentlemanly fellows, men of cultivation, well-educated, a much different class of men than I ever supposed I would meet in a K-Klux gang,” Huggins said, but their message was not gentle. They told him they did not like his “radical ways” and the fact that he had instituted public schooling and was trying to “educate the Negroes.” He had ten days to leave the state or they would kill him.”

“Huggins replied he would leave when he was ready. In response, one of the men undid a stirrup leather from his horse and began to beat Huggins with it, saying he was “just such a man as they liked to pound.” On the seventy-fifth blow, Huggins passed out. He came to with pistols aimed at him and a chorus of voices warning him that if they laid eyes on him after ten days, he was dead. The beating left Huggins hobbled for a week but unbowed; he testified to the event before Congress and returned deputized as a U.S. marshal and began to round up Klanners for arrest.”

The State of Jones, Jenkins & Stauffer

The school began as a dilapidated old cabin on one of her uncles’ farms. After a year, with profit from four acres of cotton she planted herself and the broadax labor of Knight men like Newton and Jeff, she was able to build a new schoolhouse of plank wood with glass windows. She taught twenty-four pupils at eight grade levels and charged them one dollar a month. Even so, only one parent could afford to pay in cash; the rest worked it off.

Anna taught adults as well as children, holding tutorials in penmanship, reading, and arithmetic, as well as hygiene, nutrition, and temperance. She taught women how to can fruit and on a biological chart showed them what liquor did to their kidneys. Soon local moonshiners sent her a message to quit preaching or “they would put me out of business.” Anna, who was nothing if not a Knight, sent back word that “I covered the ground I stood on, and when they got ready to shoot, I was ready.” Her family and friends urged her to shut the school down, but she replied that she was not “a quitter.”

Anna began traveling armed with both revolver and shotgun, which she kept close by even in her classroom. On one occasion after teaching a Sunday school class, she had to race on horseback through a gauntlet of white men who stood in the road and fired their guns in the air. Soon afterward, three glaring men entered her schoolhouse while she was teaching and took seats on the back bench. They listened to her lesson for several minutes, boring holes into her with their eyes. One of them deliberately spat on the floor. Then they stood up and left, walking into the woods. Certain that they meant trouble, Anna dismissed the class and summoned two of her male relatives. When the three angry whites returned, they were drunk, and a pitched fight resulted. “They soon found that the two ‘Knights’ were too much for the three of them, and finally gave up and left,” Anna wrote. After that incident, various Knight males stood watch over the school building every night, while Anna
“took my books and guns each day and carried on the work.” Still, despite tireless efforts to protect the building, in 1902 someone burned it to the ground.



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